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Ҏ HDL-A aƷe ܇F܇vϵдŷ̽C




   1. ܷDCĊAֲҺԄӊA֙CpbAIrgAְȫɿЧʸߡ

   2. ܷDC߂180㷭Dܣɏbжܡ

   3. pʽYbЧÿg

   4. 朂Һӣ_ƽ

   5. ֹӓl݆ibã☋ڹr½

   6. б۽YD`b

   7. DCX݆ӣ_ܷDrƽɿ

   8. Һ_ܛѕr½ٶ

   9. ͸䣬ڙzλ 10L

   10. Դཻ늣380V1050Hz

   11. ~ݔ빦ʣ2.2kW

   12. ~dɣ4000kg

   13. ߶ȣ1820mm

   14. ٶȣ1500mm/min

   15. Dٶȣ0-0.5r/min

   16. DǶȣ180

   17. γߴ磺3.25m4.3m3.35m

   18. O1000kg

XWD-D Two-post  hydraulic  Lift  For CRH & Metro Bogie Frame

Applicable scope

It is suitable for lifting and rotating the bogie frame in the process of inspection,disassembly, assembly and flaw detection for CRH and metro.

Features and Technical parameters

  1.  Adopt to hydraulic automatic clamping mechanism,reducing operating time,safe and reliable clamping,high efficiency.

  2.  Two-post hydraulic Lift has 180rotation functionit can load and unload bogie frame from front or back.

  3.  Adopt to two-post structurethe space will be used effectively and easy to install

  4.  Chain transmission and hydraulic cylinder drive ,Make sure the bogie frame is lifted smoothly

  5.  Equipped with stop bar and ratchet self-locking device,  Avoid the bogie frame degradation at work

  6.  Four-arm structure flexible rotation and easy to clamp

  7.  The rotating mechanism is driven by gears ,make sure the bogie frame is stable when it turns over.

  8.  The hydraulic cylinder is equipped with a flow controller,Be sure to control the rate of descent when the hose breaks

  9.  Transparent tank is easy to check oil levelits capacity is 10L

  10.  Power supply:  Three-phase alternating current: 380V10%, 50Hz

  11.  Rated input power: 2.2kW

  12.  Rated load : 4000kg

  13. Lifting height1820mm

  14.  Lifting speed: 1500mm/min

  15.  Rotating speed: 0-0.5r/min

  16.  Rotating range: 180

  17.  Machine overall size:3.25m4.3m3.35m

  18.  Machine weight:1000kg

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